Remove duplicate files, folders and archives...

the easy way!




Key features

  • Finds duplicate files and duplicate folders
  • Checks inside archives
  • Predefined options for common search scenarios

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  • Requires just the minimum effort from the user
  • Smart ways to mark and remove duplicates
  • Modern, user-friendly interface

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What is DupeTrasher?

DupeTrasher is an application that finds and removes duplicate files and folders from your computer. In addition, DupeTrasher can also look inside archives and find locations where they have been extracted.

All these features, packed in a user-friendly interface, make the whole process of removing duplicates: easy, fast and safe.



As data storage capacity increased over years, data duplication problem had become more and more relevant. Removing duplicate files from your computer will not only free space but will also make your files and folders more organized and easier to work with. With DupeTrasher, this task does not have to be tedious as before. DupeTrasher does the hard work for you!



What makes DupeTrasher unique?

DupeTrasher distinguishes itself from the competition by:

  • rich features set (predefined and custom search options, support for archives...)
  • intuitive user interface (multiple views of search results, easy marking that saves time)
  • excellence in providing support


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Prerequisites (for Windows XP only)

In order to run DupeTrasher you need to have .NET Framework 3.0 installed on your system. This applies only for Windows XP while Windows Vista (and newer) have it installed by default.


Most Windows XP systems have this prerequisite installed these days, however it is still possible that some systems do not have it.

DupeTrasher setup will check if your computer has this required component and if so it will continue installation normally. In case this prerequisite is not found, setup will offer you an option to download and install it. More...